vPlanner includes an integrated commitment management system that identifies the most important tasks within a user-specified lookahead duration that must be started or completed to keep the plan on track. vPlanner supports various workflows to commitment management, including daily commitment management as well as weekly or bi-weekly commitment management with daily check-ins. 


The lookahead is a search that identifies the minimum number of tasks that must be started or completed within the user-defined lookahead days. Lookahead task priority is determined by the task’s downstream milestones.

Status Indicators

Task status is represented visually to easily identify committed, planned, completed or incomplete tasks. vPlanner also tracks and visually represents unplanned constraints as well as completed backlog work.

Dashboard Views

Summary dashboard views provide an overview of the status of all committed activities on the plan as well as the overall progress towards completing these commitments.

Commitment Views

Commitment views are a unique feature of vPlanner. Commitment views provide a visual layout that floats all released activities to the top row of the layout and arranges constrained activities in subsequent rows based on their constraints. This provides an effective method of reviewing the lookahead to verify that all released activities are truly released. Tasks on commitment views can be grouped or arranged in nested swimlanes based on user-defined options.

Timeline Views

Timeline views list activities and depict their start and finish dates along a custom timeline that represents the lookahead. These views can be sorted or filtered. They are also linked to the planning views to better understand the logic behind activity connections.