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Webinar Recording - Implementing the Last Planner System using vPlanner

The recording from our most recent webinar: Implementing Last Planner using vPlanner is now available.  Please use the link below to register and view the recorded session.

Overview of the Webinar:

Planning in fast moving and highly dynamic situations is the norm across many project types. Effective teams are those that can quickly assess the impact of variances from their weekly work plans and reprioritize what they should be doing the following week to maintain their target milestones.

vPlanner is a lean project planning tool that enables project team members to:

  • Make the most out of their investment

  • Manage collaborative project planning from start to finish

  • Bring stronger scalability, higher efficiencies, and better time management

The new vPlanner V2.0 takes this a step further with an elastic pay-per-use system that allows better software use and deployment.