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LCI Congress Panel: Best Practices for Collaborative Pull Planning of Complex Renovation Work in Manufacturing

Our team is involved in the design/construction of a design-build project for General Motors (GM) to renovate a manufacturing plant while the plant remains in operation. The project involves various re-tooling projects, the construction of a new addition, and the replacement of the two primary transformers that provide the plant with power. Given the complexity and the nature of the renovation, close collaboration was required between the owner’s engineering team, the plant, the electrical utility company, the design team, and the construction team stakeholders to plan the execution strategy for this complex renovation. The team employed collaborative pull planning to develop the overall phasing plan for the project then implemented the Last Planner system during work execution. This presentation will highlight a specific area where the combination of detailed collaborative pull planning and the augmentation of visual aids (detailed time-based step-by-step visual representations) proved to be effective to communicate the detailed sequences. This combination allowed us to communicate at the appropriate level of detail with all stakeholders and capture its proper timing and sequence so that the replacement work can proceed with minimal disruption to plant operations.  vPlanner has been used to plan design and construction on this project.


  • Samir Emdanat, vPlanner Product Development Director
  • Branden Brickles, General Motors
  • Tim Buckley, PM, Barton Malow