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Takt Planning Workshop and Simulation (@P2SL)

The vPlanner team, Drees and Sommer, and P2SL will host a 2-day hands on workshop on Takt Time Planning (TTP) at P2SL in September. TTP is a Production Planning technique that can improve workflow reliability at the Phase Plan level when implementing the Last Planner® System (LPS). TTP reduces variability by setting a predictable production rate for standard activities across right-sized geographic work areas. The pace of work is established by adjusting crew sizes and fixing the durations of standard activities to perform similar steps across the geographic locations in succession. This disciplined production planning approach can align not only the workflow at the site, but also the overall flow of materials and information through the supply chain starting in design and moving into detailing, fabrication and delivery processes required to support the execution of the Takt sequences.

The workshop will utilize a hands on simulation game designed specifically to teach the concepts of Takt Time Planning and demonstrate how those concepts can be used to optimize flow. Additionally, it will introduce various techniques for managing the Takt Plans including purpose built tools like vPlanner and integrating the results into the overall Last Planner® System implementation.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basic concepts of TTP.

  • Learn how to create Takt Plans and optimize flow.

  • Understand how TTP can be implemented within the larger context of the LPS.

  • Gain an understanding of when to best apply Takt Planning