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Effective Management of the Last Planner® System Using vPlanner

A Pull Plan Represented in vPlanner

A Pull Plan Represented in vPlanner

The effective management of the processes and information flows required to maintain dynamic networks of commitments is vital to the successful implementation of the Last Planner® system. The more integrated the tools used, the less time it takes for a team to react to variation, resulting in more sound weekly work plan assignments. 

This Webinar will present upcoming features in vPlanner V4.0, an innovative visual planning software solution designed to support short-term interval planning as well as production system design and management. Built by seasoned planners, vPlanner interfaces with CPM tools and supports all phases of the Last Planner® system through an integrated and easy-to-use visual interface.

With vPlanner, teams can better utilize their limited resources to maximize the value from the time invested in planning, scale up their efforts, and reduce the overhead required to maintain the same information using incompatible tools. vPlanner is a value solutions partner of LCI. It was developed by Ghafari Associates, one of LCI’s corporate members and a pioneer in the application of lean and VDC to improve collaboration across the project supply chain. 

Samir Emdanat is the Director of vPlanner Product Development.  He is an industry-recognized leader in managing Integrated Project Delivery. In 2005, Samir was recognized by ENR as one of the top 25 newsmakers for his pioneering work on collaborative planning and BIM enabled project design and construction.

This webinar is open to the first 500 people to sign on.  Anyone to sign on after that will be placed in a waiting room until there is space available.