St. Jerome's Campus Renewal IPD Project Featured in The Globe and Mail

The new student residence and academic building at St. Jerome’s University in Ontario, a 105,000-square-foot project being developed by an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) team using vPlanner, was recently featured in The Globe and Mail. The article, entitled “Campus renewal project in Ontario goes a step beyond lean”, describes the collaborative approach of the IPD team, which includes Graham Construction, Diamond Schmitt Architects, Ghafari Associates, the MCW Group, RJC Consulting Engineers, MTE Consultants, OZZ Electric, and Urban Mechanical Contracting.

 The article details the team’s use of vPlanner to facilitate this collaboration during a preconstruction meeting, noting that “a computerized flowchart of tasks [is] projected for everyone to see…each design detail is charted, from plans for a particular mechanical space in one of the buildings to architectural revision work for the college’s chapel. Each task is given a completion time and inserted into the flowchart. Some of the smaller tasks may take just 30 minutes, but each needs to be checked off for all to see.”

 “We’re working backward from outcomes. In other words, we have milestones, and then we have things we need to get done to deliver these milestones,” said Art Winslow, project director at Graham.

 Construction is set to start in June and finish in early 2016.