Recommended Reading: Project Delivery, Working the IPD Framework

IPD Champions Jay Love, S.E, Panos Lampsas, and John Leuenberger, S.E have recently published an article that outlined how the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) framework is implemented on the Sutter Health Van Ness and Geary Hospital in San Francisco.  The article provides an overview of the project, discusses how the team was assembled, and overviews the various tools and methodologies used to manage the project.  The article concludes with a discussion of preliminary results and lessons learned.  The project is one of the early adopters of vPlanner and continues to use the system to plan detailed design and construction activities.  

The team utilizes vPlanner software, a Last Planner(R) System to produce predictable, continuous work flow in planning, design, and construction, to review the prior week’s work and to plan or re-plan future work. Daily check-in meetings, usually for only 15 minutes, supplement the Big Room meetings, engaging main system leaders to exchange the work in progress, identify constraints, and “Swarm” items that need to be addressed in the short-term.
— Structure Magazine, November 2015 p.26