Report from the Lean Construction Congress

This was our 5th LCI Congress since we rolled out vPlanner.  The event continues to grow and this year attracted over 1500 attendees.  We had a very busy time at the exhibit hall and were pleased to see a significant increase in Last Planner adoption on projects.  Visitors at the booth varied in their level of experience but the common theme we observed was that growing dissatisfaction with the manual approaches to implementing the Last Planner(R) approach and with tools borrowed from other industries.  Teams that are implementing LPS are realizing that there are no shortcuts to collaborative production planning and that tools like vPlanner, designed specifically to support the entire workflow are a must to sustain and scale the implementation. 

We also had two main presentations on the agenda with our project teams from Sutter Health and General Motors.  More on the presentations to follow once LCI releases the recordings of the sessions.