vPlanner’s tracking and reporting capabilities are automated to free up the team's time to improve the plans themselves. vPlanner tracks progress towards milestones, percent plan complete (PPC), causes for not completing commitments and committed task categories.

PPC Reports

Percent Plan Complete (PPC) is a measure of a team's commitment reliability. PPC graphs track the percent of completed tasks against the committed tasks for each team for work period. Both composite PPC charts for the entire project and team-specific reports can be generated.

Commitment Reports

Team-level reports include the number of committed activities, number of incomplete activities, unplanned work and work completed from the backlog.


Causes Work Not Completed

This report type charts the causes for incomplete tasks for the entire project or on a per team basis. Reports can be split based on a user-defined number of days to easily identify trends.


CSV Reports

vPlanner produces CSV exports that are formatted so that tasks and constraints from vPlanner can be imported into scheduling tools like MS Project and Primavera. Logic, assigned dates, task status and most task attributes can be exported to this format. All tabular forms allow copy / paste directly into Excel. 

Task Category Reports

Task categories assign standard task attributes to identify RFIs, change orders, material deliveries, fabrication and procurement, among other types of activities. Reports, action lists and timeline views can be generated based on these category types.

Change History

vPlanner maintains a history of all user edits made to tasks, including task deletions. Additionally, users may assign notes, decisions or constraint information to tasks and report on them when needed.