What is vPlanner? 

vPlanner is a comprehensive solution for production planning and it supports the workflows of the Last Planner® System (LPS). vPlanner solves two key issues when implementing LPS that require significant effort on the part of the project team.  The first is the alignment between near-term and long-term project plans and the second is the constant management of the near-term plans to identify and remove constraints that may impact workflow reliability.  vPlanner eliminates the redundant effort required to align the work that can be done on a project with the work that should be done for each work planning cycle.  It enables our users to experience immediate benefits when implementing LPS using vPlanner as compared to other tools.

vPlanner Overview

Intelligent features such as the “Time Gain Plan” and the “Longest Paths Calculations” allow users to produce reliable look-ahead plans and focus on the most critical activities when they make commitments. The integrated visual commitment management system supplements the planning features with tools to perform short-term planning, commitment management, tracking and reporting capabilities.

System Requirements

    vPlanner® is a ClickOnce application. It does not require special administrative privileges for installation. Once installed, vPlanner will automatically update when a newer version becomes available.  

    Operating System: Windows XP or later. Windows 7 or 10 recommended.

    Microsoft .Net 4 Client Profile:  This is typically installed with Windows on most computers. 

    Required Ports: vPlanner requires standard port 443 for encrypted communication with the server.

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    vPlanner is a Vendor Partner of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) 

    and a Member Company of the Project Production Systems Laboratory (P2SL), UC Berkeley.

    What People Are Saying

    The Stanford Hospital team reporting on their use of Pull Planning using vPlanner to manage production.
    We are currently deploying vPlanner on a number of large railway infrastructure projects in the London region - our clients are enjoying 50% to 100% productivity improvements and much greater clarity on how it’s contractors daily work activities are contributing (& not) to the successful delivery of its critical path & wider programme efforts.
    — John Lohan, Partner IPD LLC
    vPlanner is a very impressive graphic planning tool that I have observed in use on a hospital project. There is much depth to use the system in various ways that some instruction and practice will normally be needed to gain maximum value. As new capabilities are added to this system (crew and material resources associated with activities, links to BIM, possible use in the field by crews to update and status the work, etc.), I can see this becoming the central focus of design and construction planning and execution.
    — Paul Teicholz, Former Director of CIFE
    vPlanner is an innovative and unique solution to the problem of how best to plan a construction project, minimizing the construction time, avoiding delays, and maximizing the time and resources of all the individual players and project teams that are involved.
    — Lachmi Khemlani is founder and editor of AECbytes
    ... vPlanner—one of the industry’s most progressive software offerings for managing projects as production systems.
    — Consigli - http://tinyurl.com/pef52w4
    Being a person that has experienced vPlanner first hand on my last project was exciting. I have to admit in the beginning, I thought vPlanner was just another program. But within a few weeks, I learned how to format the project within vPlanner, my tasks at hand became much easier to visualize and execute. After vPlanner was completed, we brought the field superintendents in and collaborated and documented the information we needed to regain the production on the project. The project was very successful afterwards. At the end of the day, we regained 4 months back on the schedule.
    — Sr. Project Superintendent
    The team utilizes vPlanner software, a Last Planner(R) System to produce predictable, continuous work flow in planning, design, and construction, to review the prior week’s work and to plan or re-plan future work. Daily check-in meetings, usually for 15 minutes, supplement the Big Room meeting, engaging main system leaders to exchange the work in progress, identify constraints, and ‘swarm’ items that need to be addressed in the short-term
    — Jay Love, Panos Lampas, John Leuenberger http://www.structuremag.org/?p=9242

    * The Last Planner System is a Trademark of the Lean Construction Institute.